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June 10, 2017

model Asbjorn A

LONDON, JUNE 2017 - South Korean designer, SONGZIO presents his SS18 collection entitled "Crossing Veils" as inspired by the phrase: 'Man,  in his night, searches for his own light'.

model James Manley

Behind the bar-like vertical lines, the playful and scratch like horizontals make their best emotional effort to protrude.

The sensitivity of the brand's protagonist searching for his emotions, is the essence of this season's designs.

model Taran Stanzler

SONGZIO's signature Cross Look comes to live in this collection through the play with contrasting silhouettes: the sharply tailored fit jackets against the loose and playful silhouettes of the innerwear and trousers.

model Hamish Steed

The modern and strict outerwear juxtaposed with the bright and youthful watercolour printed innerwear. Similarly, the colour palette where the brand's classic black and white are in contrast with royal blue, orange and yellow, as inspired by two portrait paintings by Velasquez depicting the Infanta Margarita Teresa in both a pink and a blue dress.

Each collection begins with SONGZIO's visualisation of his ideas on canvas using oil paints, creating the brand's signature crossing strokes. SONGZIO's artworks are then translated into printed textiles, making every season another delicately curated exposition.

Painting the crossing strokes onto the canvas, the designer expresses the simultaneous dissonance and harmony of an object and its emotions. The stern vertical strokes represent the object while the sharp horizontal strokes represent its emotions: a young man and his ambition, a boy and his curiosity, lovers and love.

The result is a collection, that is dramatic and bold yet balanced collection with delicate artworks, featuring shawl collar tailored suits bearing the seasons' art print, shirts and shirts with a young men watercolour painting, straight cut trousers with side fringe detailing. For this season SONGZIO has designed two pieces of footwear including derby's embellished with metal studs and sandals.

Misun Kim

패션 컬렉션 사진을 촬영하고 글을 씁니다. The name's Misun Kim, a Photographer and Blogger, Records the history of the Fashion Collections.

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